I am addicted to food.

I eat when I’m happy. I eat when I’m sad. I eat when I’m bored.

Name an emotion or event, and I have probably used it as an excuse to eat. Food has always been a source of comfort for me, and it still is. Screwed up a presentation? Have a cookie. Miss your favorite TV show? Have some ice cream. Trip up the stairs? Make a batch of brownies, eat half of the batter, and shove the rest in your mouth after only two seconds out of the oven, burning your mouth in the process. No? That last one hasn’t happened to you?

Anyway, my relationship with food is the biggest change that I need to make in order to be healthy. Not just for a couple of years but for the rest of my life. It’s not going to be easy, but honestly, something like this shouldn’t be easy. If it’s easy, then it won’t mean as much when I actually do it.

Later gators.

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