Weigh-In 04/18/13

I forgot to write about my first weigh-in. My bad.

I used to weigh myself on Mondays. Beginning of the week and all that jazz. Makes sense, right? Well, that’s not happening anymore. This time around, I’m weighing myself on Fridays. Why? If you really want to know, it’s a way for me to cheat. A weekend of self-indulgence and subsequent poundage does not a happy week make. Weighing myself on Friday gives me a few days to make up for whatever havoc I’ve wreaked on my body over the weekend. Sad how well I know myself, right?

(For all you Biggest Loser fans out there, insert Alison Sweeney’s voice here)

My starting weight was 179. My current weight is (or was as of last Friday)… 177!

2 pounds down and quite a bit to go.

Later gators.

One thought on “Weigh-In 04/18/13

  1. omg! i’ve just decided to do the same thing! i felt like monday was wayyyy TOOOO STRESSFUL because i may or may not have had 2 glasses of wine and some bread over the weekend!!! I NOW WEIGH IN ON FRIDAYS! hahahahahah is it cheating you think?

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