I’ve talked a little bit before about the trouble I have on weekends. Specifically, I have no self-control when I’m at home, and I realized today why that is.

I absolutely love going home (which is quite a bit different from how many of my friends feel). I love being around my family again and getting away from school. Since I am always so excited to be there, it almost feels like a mini-vacation. I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vacation, I could care less how many calories are in that cookie. This translates to eating whatever I want for about three days. It’s fun while I’m doing it, but it feels pretty crappy when I have to go back to school on Monday.

I’ve gone home the past couple of weekends, and it always takes me the entire week back at school to undo whatever I’ve done. It’s an endless cycle. That cycle changes next week though because the semester is ending, and I’ll be going back home. This worries me. I’ll be at home for over three months, rather than three days, and I’m worried that I’ll completely lose sight of what it takes to be successful.

For that reason, I’ve decided to implement a cheat day. We’ll see if it actually helps!

Later gators.

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