I’m Back!

Apologies for my two-week absence. I’m back in Blog Land, and I’m here to stay. Since my last post, I have moved back home for the summer. As I mentioned here, coming home resulted in me falling off of the healthy-lifestyle wagon. Surprise, surprise. ‘Falling off’ may be a bit of an understatement. Rather, I dove off of the wagon and hit everything chocolate or salty on the way down (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop-Tarts anyone?). In my vacationing mindset, I also pretty much gave up on exercise. Not good.

I haven’t weighed myself since my last official weigh-in, and I don’t plan to for another week or so. It may be cowardly, but I do not want to see what damage I’ve done in the past couple of weeks. I can feel it without knowing the exact number.

You might be thinking, why hasn’t she been writing about these struggles this entire time? Honestly, I was embarrassed and ashamed. I suppose I only wanted to show the positive aspects of my journey: the weight loss, exercises, and food victories. I realized though that I am not perfect, and neither is my weight loss journey. If I didn’t go through rough patches, I wouldn’t be human. Human is what I want my blog to be from now on. Real and raw and honest. If I truly want to be successful, I need to be accountable for ALL of my actions, the good and the bad.

Next up: Current Exercise Routine. Stay tuned!

Later gators.

One thought on “I’m Back!

  1. Thanks for sharing! I totally feel the same way about all this. It feels like you don’t want to share the tough parts to not let anyone down. But hey it’s those struggling moments that help people understand we’re all human and this stuff is going to happen!

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