Good News

Hola friends!

I’ve decided to incorporate some more things about my life into my blog so that all fourteen of you don’t get bored. I know you’d never say it to my face (or…computer screen?); you guys are just nice like that. Hopefully, it’ll provide a nice change and get me to write more often!

Now for the good news! For a few months now, I’ve been having trouble finding a job. Something part-time that I could do over the summer and maybe continue into the coming semesters. I interviewed for a job on campus a few weeks ago, and I got it! It doesn’t start until school starts up again, however, so the summer was still looming, dark and gloomy, with no dollars in sight. Sister doesn’t have money to throw at people, so no moolah is kind of a big deal.

Last week, I applied for an internship on a whim after Portage (boyfriend) told me about a company hiring in town. I’ve been thinking that I didn’t get it, but I got a call today about an interview! Woohoooooo! This seems like an almost-perfect opportunity, so I’m really excited about it! The interview is on Friday morning, so if you could think good thoughts, it couldn’t hurt! I’ll definitely let you guys know how it goes! Apologies for all of the exclamation points. You’re lucky I didn’t put all of the smiley faces that I wanted to 🙂 (Come on, give me one)

Total miles biked: 32

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