Non-Scale Victories 09/26/13

I’m back with another non-scale victory today!


I’ll start this out by saying that I love McDonald’s. I’m not ashamed of it. Those big yellow arches call my name every single time. Big Macs aren’t my thing though. I prefer my calories in liquid form from this particular establishment. One large caramel iced coffee please!

How does this relate to a non-scale victory, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I haven’t had one drop of that heavenly goodness in over two weeks. I’ll be honest, it didn’t start out as a health change. It was all about the money. Each drink cost me $2.47. That doesn’t seem like much, but those babies add up. In case you haven’t heard, college students don’t have very much money. Shocking, I know. Health-wise, my drink costs a whopping 260 calories (according to my Lose It! app). Luckily, I’ve found an alternative that is good for my wallet and my waistline!

Meet my new best friend:


This little beauty is 35 calories per tablespoon and only cost me $2.79. Seems like a bargain to me in more ways than one! Next time, I think I might try the pumpkin spice or creme brulee flavors. Yum!

Do you have a favorite coffee flavoring?
What is your non-scale victory for the week? 

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4 thoughts on “Non-Scale Victories 09/26/13

  1. I LOOOOVE a Mcdonald’s Coke!! They have the best Coke ever, so I completely understand your love affair with Mcdonald’s! I haven’t been there in a while either, while I am not a coffee drinker I totally think staying away from “your” drink, is AMAZING, and unbelievably hard because those golden arches are on EVERY corner!! Keep it up lady and thanks for linking up with us!!

  2. the only reason i ever go to Mc D’s …… the chocolate milkshakes, they’re like my Kryptonite, fortuneatly I live in the middle of nowhere so I don’t have to face the temptation often, but it’s fantastic you have a better alternative now!

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