Non-Scale Victories 10/03/13

I’m back for another edition of Non-Scale Victories!


It is so common to focus completely on that number when it is really only one aspect of being healthy. I had a couple of non-scale victories this week!

  • I had to buy a new pair of pants to work out in! Since earlier in the summer, I’ve been wearing these pretty often.

IMG_0859[1]Awful, I know, but extremely comfortable. They’re a size extra large from Old Navy. When I was doing my 5K training on Monday, I was so uncomfortable because I had to keep pulling my pants up! It was annoying, but I wasn’t mad about it. I ventured on over to Target and bought these bad boys.

IMG_0860[1]On clearance I might add! They’re a size medium. Now, I have no idea how sizes compare at Target and Old Navy, but I’m counting that as a win!

  • My second victory also came on Monday during my run, so I guess it was a really great day! There I was, chugging along for the last couple of minutes of the run, and I get passed by a guy who was about my age. You know the type – hot, thin, but also buff. He was obviously someone who ran regularly and for long periods of time. I’ll be honest, I was embarrassed to be ‘running’ next to him. My face looked like a tomato (damn redhead complexion), my thighs were slapping together at every bounce, and I’m pretty sure I can walk faster than I was running at that point. Even with all of that, he looked over at me, gave me a thumbs up, and kept on going. For all I know, that could have been the runner’s secret club sign for ‘run faster, fatty,’ but it made me feel amazing. Here was someone who was actually acknowledging what I was trying to do and wasn’t judging me. He was actually encouraging me. It was awesome. Too bad I couldn’t get a picture. I’ m creepy, but I’m not that creepy.

Although I’m really proud of my non-scale victories this week, I’m also hoping for a victory on the scale tomorrow. We’ll both have to wait and see! Happy almost-Friday!

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4 thoughts on “Non-Scale Victories 10/03/13

  1. The running community is great! I’ve encountered runners (and I mean- RUNNERS) on my trail and I feel the same way- embarrassed, self-conscious and intimidated! BUT- they are always so supportive and then I feel silly that I felt that way. I often hear encouraging words of support- what other sport can really say that? 🙂

  2. I LOVE Targets work out gear. I get the champion capris (they aren’t as tight as the compression or the yoga pants) plus the material is so light, it is just easy to work out in. Love them. Seriously congrats on the wonderful NSVs this week! Fantastic job!

  3. Wahoo on the mediums, that’s a wonderful nsv!!! I also get self conscious around other people working out that seem to fit the mold better than I do, so awesome to get that encouragement from him!!

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