That One Time That I Ran a 5K

Happy Monday everyone! And this time when I say happy, I do mean happy!

In case you couldn’t tell by my title, something pretty major happened over the weekend. I RAN 3.1 MILES! Ran, as in I didn’t stop AT ALL. It was awesome. Fair warning, words like awesome and amazing will be used in abundance during this post. If you aren’t a fan, too bad.

Before the race, I was trying not to puke and having a very difficult time coming up with a real smile. This grimace is about as close as I got. Photo cred to Potter!

IMG_0948[1]See those pants there? The awesome purple ones? Or so I thought when I bought them on Friday. Those bad boys are compression pants from Target, and I was so excited to wear them. I even wore them all Friday night because I loved them so much. They’re PURPLE. What else do you need? I thought I was good to go because I did the whole jog in place thing in the dressing room, and everything stayed in place. Unfortunately, I never actually ran in them before the race. Lesson learned. Don’t get me wrong, they served their primary purpose of keeping my legs warm in the 30 degree weather and 25 miles per hour wind that the great city of Muncie decided to bless me with on Saturday morning. They did not, however, like to stay put. Thank goodness for my compression shirt that was able to keep them somewhat in place. Pretty sure I flashed a couple of people behind me. Oops.

For the actual running part, I was really impressed with myself. I’m not sure if it was all of the new things to look at, but the running part flew by. At the end, I actually felt like I could have run more. Where has that person been all of my life? I finished in 34:36 with a mile average of 11:10. Considering my goal was under 40 minutes, I am ecstatic at that time. Next goal: get that mile time a bit faster. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken of me actually running or after I was done. I do, however, have a glorious video of me crossing the finish line. Video cred to Ashtyne. She’d also like to apologize for her glove at the beginning.

Overall, I am so very proud of myself. I never thought that I would be able to do something like that, but I actually did. I’ll definitely be doing another at some point.


Shout out to Potter and Ashtyne – the best boyfriend and best friend ever that I absolutely do not deserve. They were waiting for me during the middle of the race and cheered so loudly that I could hear them through my headphones. They were the ones waiting for me at the finish line, and I absolutely could not have done it without them. Love you guys!

What I learned:

1. The first time you run in a piece of clothing should not be at the actual race.

2. Don’t be so concerned with turning off your running app on your phone at the finish. Enjoy it.

3. Every race is worth it as long as there is a t-shirt and free food at the end.

4. You can actually accomplish goals without being at your goal weight. Fortyish extra pounds ain’t no big thang.

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5 thoughts on “That One Time That I Ran a 5K

  1. Great job! I did my first 5k this weekend myself, and I have yet to meet my goal weight too (about 25 more lbs to go…). It sounds like you had a blast and congrats on smashing your goal time!! Wow!! Race on 🙂

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