So What/Weigh In Wednesday 01/29/14

Today I’m linking up for both So What Wednesday and Weigh In Wednesday! They’re so good, why not do both?


  Life After I Dew

Going with the new positive theme that Shannon talked about last week,

So what if:

  • I got a flat tire last week when the wind chill was -20 degrees. Potter, the best boyfriend ever (you can read about him here), was willing to change it for me even though it would make him late for work. Instead of focusing on the annoyance of a flat tire, I’m choosing to be thankful for Potter and that I even have a car to be annoyed with when many people don’t.
  • This frigid Indiana winter is making me wish I had the money to move to Hawaii and live out my remaining days selling strawberry daiquiris on the beach. Yes, it’s freaking cold. Yes, it sucks. But do I have a house to get warm in? Yes.
  • The weather is also making me want to skip every class and shift at work. All I want to do is curl up with a huge cup of coffee and either 1) watch Gilmore Girls or 2) finish the fourth Game of Thrones book. Instead, I’m focusing on the fact that I even have a job and the resources to get such an excellent education. I am truly blessed.


Previous weight (from three months ago): 172.6
Current weight:

This week’s loss: 0.0
Total: – 6.4

Left arm: 14″
Right arm: 14″
Hips: 40″ (down 0.5″)
Stomach: 38″ (down 1″)
Waist: 34″
Right thigh: 25″
Left thigh: 25″
Bust: 39.5″

This is a very exciting weigh-in week for me for a couple of reasons. First, I’m officially back down to my pre-holiday weight! Hallelujah! Second, that current weight is about a three or four pound difference from where I was two weeks ago!

01-25-14 172.6 lbs BothHere’s to only getting better from here!


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5 thoughts on “So What/Weigh In Wednesday 01/29/14

  1. Losing weight is hard especially around the holidays. Good for you for getting the pounds back off! I’m originally from Indy. All my family is still there. Stopping by from the link up. Happy Wednesday!

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