Weekend Meal Monday 02/03/14

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl or at least some of the Super Bowl festivities. Personally, Bruno Mars was my favorite part. Since the Broncos as well as the commercials basically sucked, the halftime show was the only thing that I enjoyed. That’s coming from a girl who typically loves watching football. It was just not a good sports night for me. Hopefully, the Pacers can win tonight and put my world right again.

Now, here’s what you probably really want to know. How did my weekend food go? Honestly, not very well compared to last weekend. This weekend involved traveling and eating out, which made it not as good as it should have been. Add in the Super Bowl food, and I’m feeling pretty crappy this morning. I only took pictures of the healthy food I ate this weekend, which is the opposite thing I was trying to do with this whole ‘virtual food diary.’ I actually didn’t do it on purpose, but it ended up happening that way. On a happy note, I did continue tracking my calories.

On Saturday night, I had Mexican with my best friend, and I didn’t think about it until halfway through my meal (chips and salsa, enchilada, tamale, refried beans with rice). At that point, I didn’t want to draw attention to myself by taking picture of my food in a crowded restaurant, so I didn’t.

On Sunday night, I had Pizza King during the game, which involved probably six breadsticks with nacho cheese and a few slices of pizza (small, square-cut). That sounds bad, and it was. It was also delicious.

Throughout the weekend, I also nibbled on pieces of ‘healthier’ lemon bars that I made on Thursday. With the number of pieces I ate though, it kind of defeats the purpose of being ‘healthier.’

shrug-houseThis is about how I’m feeling about this weekend. Although my eating wasn’t great, I did learn a couple of things.

  • If I make something, especially dessert, I will eat it. There is major guilt if I just leave it, so I either need to throw away what I don’t want or pawn it off on someone else.
  • Being aware of the number of calories I’m eating does not make those calories magically go away. Since I’ve been consistently tracking my calories now, I think I’ve been operating under the impression that just keeping track was going to make me lose weight. Definitely need to change that.

One last thing,

Indy will always love Peyton Manning.


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