Weekend Meal Monday 02/10/14

Happy Monday! Sorry for the absence last week. This is the first thing to go whenever I get stressed, but I’m hoping to do better this week – starting with my weekend eats!


IMG_1379Left: Spinach and goat cheese pizza
Top right: Vegetable chips and Arnold Palmer Zero
Bottom right: Goober (1/2 package)
Not pictured: 4 bites Jimmy John’s sandwich


IMG_1380Left: Coffee, roasted vegetables, and tilapia
Right: Homemade Chinese chicken and broccoli
Not pictured: 1 bag 100-calorie popcorn, 1 homemade strawberry granola bar, and 4 homemade banana oatmeal mini-muffins


IMG_1381Left: Coffee and fiber cereal with strawberries
Top right: Roasted vegetables, brown rice, and tilapia
Bottom right: Salmon, brown rice, and peas with Dijon mustard/Greek yogurt sauce
Not pictured: Spoonful of peanut butter

Overall, not a terrible weekend. The pizza and Goobers were probably the worst choices, but they only set me back about 750 calories. Compared to a takeout pizza with breadsticks and cheese (like I normally would’ve had), I’m happy with it.

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