Non-Scale Victories 02/13/14

Linking up with KTJ and Samantha today for more non-scale victories!


I have two for you guys today, and both of them concern clothing. I actually love clothes, but you would never be able to tell with the way that I dress. I basically live in sweatshirts and baggy sweaters during the winter and oversized t-shirts during the summer – anything to be comfortable and make my jiggly bits a little less noticeable. With this in mind, shopping at this size is usually a nightmare. Nothing fits the way I want it to, and I always end up buying whatever fits instead of what I actually love. One of my favorite memories from the smaller-me days is going shopping with my best friends in Chicago and spending way too much money. Seems weird, but I was so used to buying everything that fit that I ended up with almost everything that I tried on. I want to get back to that point! Maybe then I’ll have to work on my money management problems…

My first non-scale victory is hopefully a step in that right direction. I was shopping for my internship interviews last weekend (today! eek!), and I wasn’t disappointed in what I saw in the mirror. I found an outfit that I actually like and would wear other places, and it is relatively stylish. I think. Anyway, I don’t think it had anything to do with my body looking better, but it had everything to do with my mindset. Even though I’m not anywhere near where I’d like to be, I’m making positive changes instead of continuing to say “tomorrow.” Actually doing something just makes me feel good.

On a similar note, I’ve had to start wearing a belt with my jeans! Since I haven’t seen a large difference in the scale, I kept trying to convince myself that the jeans were stretched out and just needed to be washed. I’ve washed them multiple times though, and the belt is definitely necessary! It seems silly, but I’ve been really excited to put my jeans on lately, just to see if I can tighten the belt anymore.

What are your non-scale victories this week?

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4 thoughts on “Non-Scale Victories 02/13/14

  1. OMG I am a dummy, it took me so long to figure out how to comment on your blog. Ugh, technologically challenged over here, lol–anyway, GREAT job this week, and congrats on the NSV! That is really awesome! –Kelly @ In It To Lose It

  2. Congratulations! Clothing victories always feel so great! I know I’m always more motivated when I can see results like that. Keep up the great work and thanks for linking up!

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