Weigh In Wednesday 04/30/14

So it’s been like two months since I’ve officially weighed in. And by officially, I mean that I wasn’t ashamed to post about it. I know, I know. What’s the point of a “weight loss” blog if you aren’t going to show every part of the journey, good and bad? I’d like to meet the person who has never screwed up and congratulate them on being boring. The messy parts are what make it interesting. With that being said, summer is just around the corner, and I’m going to try to be consistent with my weigh-ins.

Now onto what you really came here for!

Previous weight (from February): 170.2

Current weight:


I’M IN THE 160’s!


No going back now!

Loss: 0.6

Total: -9.4

Left arm: 14″
Right arm: 14″
Hips: 40″
Stomach: 38.5″
Waist: 33.5″
Right thigh: 24.5″ (down 0.5″)
Left thigh: 24.5″ (down 0.5″)
Bust: 39″

04-30-14 169.6 lbs Both -1Apologies for the dirty mirror.

Also, most of my clothing is packed away, which includes the black shorts that I normally wear for pictures. I wanted to wear an awesome pair of black pants that I have, but I chose the most unflattering pair instead. This is me in all my glory people!

Happy Wednesday!

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