Non-Scale Victories 05/15/14

Hello, old friend.


It’s been awhile since I’ve had any non-scale victories to share with you guys. Let’s be honest, it seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve shared any victories with you guys.

As you know, running and I have never been the best of friends. I even told you some time ago that I was giving it up. But…

I actually went for a walk/jog on Monday at my favorite park.


I didn’t feel any pressure to run at a certain time, so I mostly walked. I jogged when I felt like it, and I stopped when I felt like it. IT WAS GLORIOUS. I also burned some calories!


IMG_2169This victory plus the return of beautiful weather has brought on what I can only describe as a mental episode. For some reason, I want to run a 10k. This summer. What the hell is wrong with me?

I haven’t decided for sure if I’m going to do it or not. The fact that I spent over an hour looking up potential races is neither here nor there. I am seriously considering it though, and I think I’ve talked mi madre into joining up too.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

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3 thoughts on “Non-Scale Victories 05/15/14

  1. That’s awesome, Kris! Especially if y’all decide to train for it and do it together!! I’ll be your long distance cheerleader. 🙂

  2. OMG! Non-scale victory link up!! This is amazing!! I am always preaching the non-scale victory! And look at you–running all far! I ran my first 10k and 1/2 last fall (September and October) I started training like late July/Augst-ish! You can totally do it and will love it!!

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