Weigh In Wednesday 05/28/14

Linking up for Weigh-In Wednesday yet again!

I’m really trying to use these weigh-ins to stay accountable. That was the entire purpose of this blog after all. If I’m not having a good week, I would usually just avoid posting. Not anymore though. You’ll be seeing every. single. weigh-in. Even the ones that suck majorly. Like this one.

Previous weight: 170

Current weight: 172

Loss: +2

Total: – 7

No pictures today. I’m a sucky blogger, I know. Maybe you’ll get some next week…but don’t hold your breath.

I need to do better. I know this. Actually, I have to do better. I’m fully aware that the past few weeks months have been half-assed. I’ve probably had this revelation before, but I can’t keep being surprised when my actions are reflected in the scale. I’m not stupid. I know how this works, and I’ve done it before.


This is my life. I need to just keep this in my head. It’s going to be particularly difficult this weekend because my brothers are graduating from high school (EEK!), so it’s going to be a food fest. I’ll talk tomorrow about my plan to get through it without shoving my face in the cupcake tower. Also, there will be a chocolate fountain. A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. Think good thoughts for me. I’ll need it.

Happy Wednesday!

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4 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday 05/28/14

  1. Here’s what makes THIS time different– you KNOW you need to make changes. Now you just need to be ready to make them and set yourself up for success. Don’t discredit how far you’ve come already, and don’t let a bad week knock ya down. Good luck next week! 🙂

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