Weigh In Wednesday 06/04/14

It’s a good day. A very good day.

Even though it’s crappy outside and the humidity is causing my head to look like Chuckie from Rugrats.

You think I jest. I do not. Someday I will show you.

ChuckieThank goodness for messy buns.

Anyway, here is what you actually care about!

Previous weight: 172

Current weight:
IMG_2364Loss: – 2.2

Total: – 9.2


I absolutely was not expecting that.

You know those cupcakes I mentioned last week? It turns out that I can resist the cupcakes (for the most part). It’s the chocolate fountain with all of the accompanying things to dip in it that will get me in trouble. More on that later.

It’s almost Thursday, which means it’s almost the weekend!
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9 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday 06/04/14

  1. That’s a fantastic result, way to go on resisting the cupcakes, I have such a sweet tooth so I am mega impressed!!!

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