Weigh In Wednesday 07/02/14

So it’s been a hot minute since I’ve reported my weigh-ins. Key word = reported. I have actually been weighing in regularly like a good little Weight Watchers gal. I just haven’t been posting a lot in general, weigh-ins included. Since I have been recording them, I’m going to share them!

June 18th

Previous weight: 168

Current weight:

IMG_2389Loss: +1.2

Total: -9.8

June 25th

Previous weight: 169.2

Current weight:

IMG_2508Loss: +1.4

Total: – 8.4


Previous weight: 170.6

Current weight:

IMG_2532Loss: +1.2

Total: – 9.6

Overall, not terribly good. At least it’s moving in the right direction again. No new pictures or measurements – perhaps next week!

Happy Wednesday!

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