Life Update Part 2: Becoming an only child…kinda.

My life…it is a-changin, friends. As of about a week ago, I am officially kinda sorta an only child. And by only child, I mean that I am the only child living at home right now. That’s right, my baby brothers that were 2 years old five minutes ago…

SCAN0093…are in college now. No, I don’t know if they’re actually 2 years old in this picture. Just go with it.

Different colleges, of course, because (heaven forbid) twins go to the same school. Here are some of my favorite pictures from their move-in days. There aren’t too many because I was too busy sobbing to hold my phone.


I jest, I jest….kind of.


IMG_2652-1(Apologies for this one – my degree apparently didn’t teach me how to photograph while facing the sun)

IMG_2644-1Aren’t they cute?

If you read my update from yesterday, you know that I graduated at the end of July. My graduation + babies in college = recipe for disaster. Basically, my parents are going crazy. Yes, that’s right. Like the good daughter that I am, however, I am willing to live at home rent-free in order to ease their suffering. Just kidding. I’m poor, and they’re nice.

For real though, I miss these losers. If you’re at all interested in looking at some more pictures of them as mere babes, check out their 18th birthday post.

Good luck Jacob and Logan!

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