Weigh In Wednesday 08/27/14

Now that my little bros are away at school, I’ve finally started getting back on track with my weight goals. For some reason, I was using them leaving as an excuse to derail (sticking with the train metaphor), acting like every day is a vacation. Taco Bell anyone?

A Saturday was my first day of being an only child, and it just so happens to also be my weigh-in day for Weight Watchers. Perfect time to reset, and reset is what I did. I’m continuing my with my last blog-official weigh-in below, but just know that my weight on my reset day was 177. Loss of 5.8 pounds, say what?! Funny what sticking to a plan wholeheartedly can do for you.

Here are my blog-official results

Previous weight: 173

Current weight:


Loss: – 1.8

Total: – 7.8


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4 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday 08/27/14

  1. Congrats, dear one! A great testimony to what happens when we relax and LIVE our dreams rather than get so caught up in our goals that, when we fail, we do that “downward spiral” thing, changing how we think about ourselves, which then contributes to more failure. Keep living your dream, dear one! Love you!
    (PS. I remember when I saw you on Sunday, I thought you looked slimmer than I remembered, but failed to say anything to you! I’m sorry now that I didn’t!)

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