Focus on Today

Apparently I am the queen of the blogging hiatus. I’ve done it about a million times, and I’ll probably do it a million times more. That’s one of my favorite things about this space though. I can come and go as I please because it’s more for me than for anyone else. This latest hiatus (does anyone else think this rhymes?) came as a result of a lack of motivation…again. Broken record, say what?

This time though it was more about trying to keep up with the blog. I was so worried about taking pictures and keeping track of everything during a run instead of just…running. I needed to make things simple again.

Unfortunately, simplifying my life turned into laziness. I sporadically ran/exercised, and I never really changed my diet. Sure, I’d go a day or two here and there tracking everything and not eating as much, but it never lasted for long. I, of course, continued to pay for weight watchers during this time because it was too difficult to admit to myself that I had stopped trying. Psych 101 over here.

Over the past few days though, I’ve started getting tired of the overeating, all of the crap that I put in my body, and the occasional half-hearted attempts at exercise to counteract the damage. I’m happy to say that I’ve tracked all of my food for the past two days, and I’m going to continue.

Instead of thinking of tomorrow, next week, next month, and all of the work that it will take, I’m working on today. I’m going to do the best that I can today. That’s really all that I can ask of myself.


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One thought on “Focus on Today

  1. You can make a clean start anytime. It’s something I have to remember myself, since I’m always tempted to restart my lifestyle change on Monday, which is extra lame if my slip up was on Tuesday.

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