Weigh In Wednesday 2.11.15

Linking up with the Weigh In Wednesday girls again! Here’s what happened this week.

Previous weight: 172.8
Current weight:

IMG_3407Loss: – 1
Total: – 7.2

IMG_3422-1I’m going to say something really weird right now, and I almost want to slap myself for even thinking it. I’ve lost almost five pounds since the beginning of the year (which is freaking awesome), but I think it might actually be hurting me. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. Every week, without fail, there is at least one day (and sometimes two) that I go off the wall with my eating. If I track my points for the day at all, it’s after I’ve already eaten everything, which completely defeats the purpose for me. Then I spend the rest of the week staying within my daily points to make up for that one sucky day. It’s working because I’m still losing weight, but I know I’m not losing as much weight as I could be. I’m definitely not forming healthy habits for the future. Plus, the food that I’m eating isn’t fueling my body. It’s fueling my emotions. No bueno. I almost want my body to stop losing and say, “hey, stop eating crap! It’s bad for you!” Maybe then I’d actually learn.

Admitting it is the first step, right? Honestly, I feel better already just writing it out. I have the power. I just have to remember that.

On a different note, I’ve decided to separate my personal and blog Instagram accounts, so the link will now take you directly to my blog account! Feel free to follow along via Instagram!

How did you do this week?

Weigh In Wednesday

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5 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday 2.11.15

  1. I battled with this very thing for SO long… counting calories and points and eating what was within the limits, no matter what it was. I was still eating the junk, just not nearly as much of it. And guess what? I was never able to succeed long term. I’m thrown that all out the window and am not counting or tracking a single thing any more. Instead, I’m focusing on fueling my body with healthy foods. This is about so much more than weight loss for me, this is about my health. So I’m learning and focusing on my health and honestly, in regards to the weight loss, I’m in such a better place mentally than I’ve ever been. Have you read “It Starts With Food”? I’m reading it now and it’s connecting a lot of the dots for me… very eye opening. My only advice (not that you’re asking for it – sorry!) is to listen to your body. If you’re going off the rails one day it’s not because you can’t control your habits, it’s because your body is hungry for nourishment! It’s all such a learning process and I’m certainly not an expert… but I am learning a ton and using it to change my ways. Good luck and definitely know that you’re not alone!

  2. I TOTALLY understand what you’re saying. The thing that was hard for me to learn was to not CONTINUE to go overboard even after one day of going overboard…and just to live and let live and track what I ate and move on. You can do it!

  3. Congrats on the one pound weight loss! That’s awesome! I think you need to find what works for you and stick with it. Obviously, healthy foods fuel you better than junk foods. I think if you try a few things, you’ll eventually figure out what works best for you.

  4. I hear ya! You gotta change the lifestyle.
    I recently created a separate instagram account too. Honestly, it was the greatest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve found so much support on there, and I don’t have to worry about bombarding my friends and family with weight loss stuff. My account is @lessofless 🙂

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