Weigh In Wednesday 2.25.15

Linking up with the Weigh In Wednesday girls today!

I know I missed last week, and I wish I could tell you that I had an awesome reason. I didn’t. I’m just lazy. I did weigh myself though, and I was up to 173.6. No surprise there. That came after a trip to Bdubs as well as oreo cheesecake to celebrate my brothers’ birthday.

Here’s what happened this week.

Previous weight: 173.6
Current weight: 172.2
Loss: – 1.4
Total: – 6.8

So I lost most of what I gained, but I’m still a little up from where I was a couple of weeks ago.

On another note, I’ve made some changes with my eating that I’ll share more about tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great week!

Weigh In Wednesday

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2 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday 2.25.15

  1. Don’t worry that you’re up a little from a couple weeks ago, you can’t change the bad stuff… the good news is that you’re down from last week, that’s what you need to be proud of! Onward and upward to the new week ahead đŸ™‚

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