Weigh In Wednesday 3.4.15

Linking up with the Weigh In Wednesday girls today!

This week was a little different. I wasn’t home on the morning of my normal weigh in day, so I went ahead and weighed in the day before. I should be back on my normal schedule, so next week’s update should be more accurate.

Previous weight: 172.2
Current weight: 172.6
Loss: + 0.4
Total: – 6.4

I’m not disappointed in that number at all. I didn’t expect to lose a lot of weight immediately with the new way I’m eating, but I’m looking forward to it coming off slowly but surely.

How did you do this week?

Weigh In Wednesday

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2 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday 3.4.15

  1. I’m glad you’re finding what works best for you! I know a lot of people find success on WW but I wasn’t one of them… we all have to find what works best for our bodies, regardless of what works for everyone else. Hope you have a great week ahead!

  2. I just read your post about the emotional eating book. I wouldn’t say I’m an emotional eater — mostly just a chronic over-eater in general. I’m hoping the book helps you overcome the emotional eating and can’t wait to see how it works for you!!

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