Bachelor in Paradise…No one cares.

I had every intention of doing a recap of last night’s Bachelor in Paradise episode. I watched it on time and even took notes like a good little blogger girl. Then it got to be about 9:30 – only 30 minutes left in the episode – and I realized that I was bored. I was bored with the episode and had only three tiny lines of notes written down. It was then that I decided that I wasn’t going to blog about it. If I don’t care, then why would I expect anyone else to?

So…here’s my recap of Bachelor in Paradise S1E3.

aint-even-madHappy almost-Wednesday!

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Bachelor in Paradise S1E2 Recap

Yet again with the late recap. Perhaps tomorrow you’ll be shocked and see a recap from this evening’s episode – no promises though. Let’s get right to it, shall we? Here’s my rundown.

The Good: Ben left. I’ve never liked him, so I wasn’t sad to see him go.

bliss1I’m not at all surprised that he had a girlfriend back home. I was surprised by Michelle M.’s reaction though. Maybe something was going on that they didn’t show, but if not, she seriously overreacted. Major overkill with the tears.

The Bad: The whole thing with Michelle K. at the beginning. I thought they were joking when they did the ‘reenactment’ of the whole situation. The Bachelor/Bachelorette is pretty corny at times, but this was definitely high up there with the corn factor.

The Ugly: Elise. Elise, Elise, Elise. I was basically like this every time she spoke during the episode.

lkrwtfShe was delusional about her relationship with Dylan. If he says that he won’t accept the rose from you if you offer it, for heaven’s sake, don’t offer it to him anyway! Then, the speech happened.

jwdrpThere are no words.

Overall, I like that they keep adding new people every week; it keeps the show interesting. I’m skeptical about the quality of relationships that could come out of this though. On one hand, it seems like the situation could work out better than a typical Bachelor/Bachelorette scenario because there is so much extra time available to spend together. They can also see the other person in a much more relaxed atmosphere, which I think is when most people are truly themselves. On the other hand, Paradise seems so immature and high school-like that I keep expecting them to break out the cheerleading and football uniforms any time now.

What do you think?

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Bachelor in Paradise S1E1 Recap

I know, I’m a little late to the party with this recap since the second episode airs tonight. 6 days before or 6 hours before…it’s still before, right? I promise it’ll be quick though. If you remember from my Bachelorette recap a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t sure that I was going to watch Bachelor in Paradise. I didn’t watch Bachelor Pad because it seemed a little too much like Big Brother, which I’ve never been interested in watching. My reality TV addiction just hasn’t gotten that far yet. Maybe someday. Anyway, I still wasn’t sure about Paradise when it premiered last Monday. I couldn’t just let it go though, so I satisfied my curiosity late last week. Here’s my rundown.

The Good: I really like the overall goal of the show. Although the focus is on being in ‘paradise,’ most of the people seem genuinely interested in finding love. I’m a sucker for romance, so that’s what it’s all about in my book. Also, I want Sarah to be my best friend. She is the most normal person that I’ve ever seen on a reality show.



The Bad: Ben and Michelle? Annoying. I get that every reality show needs to have some sort of villain because hunky-dory doesn’t produce an adequate amount of drama. I am interested to see what the deal is with Michelle though, so I guess the producers were right on target with that one.



The Ugly: AshLee. Oh, AshLee. I’m not really a believer in the whole love at first sight idea, so it seemed a bit ludicrous to me that she was so intense about Graham within a day of meeting him. Entertaining, yes. Potentially crazy, also yes. I’m sure we’ll see more of her drinking the crazy juice throughout the season. It should be interesting.



If you’d like to get a full rundown of the cast of characters, you can find a good article here.

What do you think? Will you keep watching?

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