I’m so so so excited to share my cousin Hannah’s story with you guys today! She’s five years older than me, but she’s the closest to my age on that side of the family (besides my brothers). A few things about us:

We have red hair.





We like to dance.

73714_517646870904_206925_n-1And finally, we are our mothers.


Here’s her story!

I am very excited to be a “guest” on my cousin Kristian’s blog! I have been following Kristian since she started and it has been truly inspiring. This past week, I decided that I would start blogging my journey as well. I have always had a struggle with my weight. I have been up and down so many times I’ve lost count. During many of my diets, I was able to get down to 143 pounds. I have gained that back plus many more. I met my now boyfriend 4 years ago. They do a lot of eating out. I am in no way blaming him for any of my weight gain. It is just so easy and simple to just eat out! In the four years I have been with him I have gained 50 pounds. Yikes… I know. I’m just tired of looking and feeling the way I do. I know I would be soooo much happier with myself and with life if I could just lose the weight! So..that’s what I’m going to do. This time around, I don’t care about the pounds. My goal is to be able to shop at Victoria’s Secret again and all of the other stores I used to shop at. The reason I’m doing it this way is because I have such a misshapen body it’s ridiculous. I’m only 5’1, I have huge boobs, flat butt, and absolutely no torso.  I don’t want to say my goal is to lose 30 pounds and I go into the store and nothing still fits. So, I’m doing away with pounds and going straight for the clothes sizes. Wish me luck!!

For all of you medical people out there, you’ll appreciate her before measurements.

Arms both at 15 1/2″
Epigastric 48″
Umbilical region 50 1/2″
Hypogastric 55″
Thighs both at 27 1/2″

Hannah Starting 03-31-14 with websiteShe’s also down two pounds already!

If you’d like to see more of her progress, go here!

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