I quit Weight Watchers.

I thought about coming up with a more creative title for this post, but then I figured, hell, let’s get right to the point with it (which is not how the rest of this is going to be, just FYI).

Recently, I’ve been feeling unhappy with my eating. Let’s be real here, I’m rarely happy with all of my food choices. This was something bigger than having that extra cookie or drinking another glass of wine though. I am an emotional eater.

Rough day at work? Let’s dive into the chips.
Celebrating something? Cookies for everyone!

Name an emotion, and I’ve probably used it (consciously or not) as a reason to eat. I’m tired of it. Luckily, I stumbled upon this.

Reading the summary, I immediately felt a connection. Two days later, I had the book in my hands (thank you, Amazon Prime), and it is amazing. I haven’t even finished it yet, and I know that this is the tool for me to use to shape the rest of my life. That’s how good it is.The concept is simple. Eat what you want when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re satisfied. Novel idea, right? Not really, but her writing speaks to me. It sounds weird, but it just makes sense.

Now you may be wondering where Weight Watchers fits into this. The truth? It doesn’t. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. When I stuck to it, it worked. I lost weight, but it wasn’t teaching me anything that I’m going to use forever. I have no intention of tracking every single thing I eat for the rest of my life, and I certainly don’t want to pay for it. It may work for some people, but that’s just not how I want to live.

Honestly, I thought long and hard about continuing to pay for Weight Watchers until I was sure that I could go without and still be successful. I actually hovered over the cancel button for a few minutes, still deciding whether or not I could do it. Then something came to me. If I leave myself something to fall back on, I’m allowing myself an out. I don’t need one though. This is what I want, and this is how I want to live. Have I been perfect so far? Absolutely not. I have started to understand myself. I am more at peace with food than I can ever remember being, which is worth more than I could’ve imagined.

This is not a sponsored post. I just really freaking love this book.

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Weigh In Wednesday 2.11.15

Linking up with the Weigh In Wednesday girls again! Here’s what happened this week.

Previous weight: 172.8
Current weight:

IMG_3407Loss: – 1
Total: – 7.2

IMG_3422-1I’m going to say something really weird right now, and I almost want to slap myself for even thinking it. I’ve lost almost five pounds since the beginning of the year (which is freaking awesome), but I think it might actually be hurting me. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. Every week, without fail, there is at least one day (and sometimes two) that I go off the wall with my eating. If I track my points for the day at all, it’s after I’ve already eaten everything, which completely defeats the purpose for me. Then I spend the rest of the week staying within my daily points to make up for that one sucky day. It’s working because I’m still losing weight, but I know I’m not losing as much weight as I could be. I’m definitely not forming healthy habits for the future. Plus, the food that I’m eating isn’t fueling my body. It’s fueling my emotions. No bueno. I almost want my body to stop losing and say, “hey, stop eating crap! It’s bad for you!” Maybe then I’d actually learn.

Admitting it is the first step, right? Honestly, I feel better already just writing it out. I have the power. I just have to remember that.

On a different note, I’ve decided to separate my personal and blog Instagram accounts, so the link will now take you directly to my blog account! Feel free to follow along via Instagram!

How did you do this week?

Weigh In Wednesday

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Weigh In Wednesday 08/27/14

Now that my little bros are away at school, I’ve finally started getting back on track with my weight goals. For some reason, I was using them leaving as an excuse to derail (sticking with the train metaphor), acting like every day is a vacation. Taco Bell anyone?

A Saturday was my first day of being an only child, and it just so happens to also be my weigh-in day for Weight Watchers. Perfect time to reset, and reset is what I did. I’m continuing my with my last blog-official weigh-in below, but just know that my weight on my reset day was 177. Loss of 5.8 pounds, say what?! Funny what sticking to a plan wholeheartedly can do for you.

Here are my blog-official results

Previous weight: 173

Current weight:


Loss: – 1.8

Total: – 7.8


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Non-Scale Victories 05/29/14

Linking up with KTJ and Samantha for another non-scale victory!

I was thirteen years old, a seventh grader at the big bad middle school. I hadn’t learned that having curly hair isn’t so bad…and I certainly hadn’t learned the value of leave-in conditioner.

I was rotating five different t-shirts to wear to school. This was one of them.


7th grade

Those were the shirts that I felt the thinnest in, the ones that covered up my stomach.

With my mom, I decided to do something about it. Weight Watchers allowed kids (13+) to sign up with a doctor’s note, so that’s what I did. I had no idea what it was or how it was supposed to work. I only knew that it was supposed to make me lose weight. They gave me this little booklet for me to write down my food, and I went to a few meetings after weighing in. I even lost a little bit of weight, mostly because I didn’t want to write anything bad down in my little booklet. That booklet got old pretty fast, and we soon stopped going to weigh-ins and meetings. I gained that little amount of weight back…and then some.


8th grade

Nine years later, and those two girls aren’t so very different.

I’ve decided to start Weight Watchers again.

You may be wondering why I’m calling this a non-scale victory. I’m finally taking control of my eating, and I think Weight Watchers will give me the tools to do that. It will allow me a little bit more freedom and flexibility with my food while still making healthy choices.

We’ll see how well it works for the open house this weekend. I can tell you from experience, those cupcakes are fantastic.

Believe me, there will be pictures.

It’s almost Friday!

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